Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots of updates!

So yeah I know nobody even reads this but I have been snapping photos of stuff and I just haven't uploaded them yet. I can't really remember the chronological order but here is some stuff:

Corn Muffins!

Complete with frothy soy milk. I made these when I realized, "Holy shit! I haven't had corn muffins in forever" and "What am I going to do with that bag of cornmeal I only really bought to make pizza?". Good results. Great warm with some Earth Balance.

Next up we have...

Some bullshit I pulled out of my ass when I ran low on food. I think this was udon noodles, vegetable broth, and a ripped up sheet of nori. It was mighty tasty though.

And tonight I made Thai Green Curry with Summer Rolls-both from VWAV. The curry got eaten before I could snap a photo but I made a lovely presentation. All I am left with is this crappy photo:

The transparency of the rice paper wraps reminds me of those fish with no skin pigmentation. Heheh. They taste good though and I am glad to have 3 left to munch on later.