Thursday, May 14, 2009


I decided today that I'm the best person to invite to a potluck, and the worst person to go to one. The reasons being, I love to cook and share my food, but usually once I get to a potluck (and by usually I mean I've been to 3) there is no other food I can eat besides my own, so it's more like making dinner and eating it at someone else's house.

My first potluck was a few months ago at my lovely bellydance teacher's house. It wasn't so much of a potluck technically but a wine and food pairing party, so it was sort of a potluck but fancier. I think I ate some crackers, plus my own food. I made stuffed mushrooms and had extra stuffing I didn't know what to do with so I wrapped it in phyllo dough and baked it. I thought it was delicious. The mushrooms were mostly eaten up but I think I ate all the phyllo dough wraps on my own.

My second potluck was just a few weeks ago at my friend Bethuny's house. Hers was a twist on a regular potluck and she made it so everyone brought breakfast foods. I made these crepes with baked apples with lots of cinnamon and sugar on them, and I also cut up a ton of strawberries and sprinkled sugar on them. By the end of the night all the crepes were gone and I had leftover fruit which I didn't really mind. The only other thing I ate was a piece of tempeh bacon, and then I proceeded to get drunk off screwdrivers.

My third potluck was just a few hours ago! I made Macaroni Hates Cheees and chocolate cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (between you and me, I had a friend email me the recipe cause I'm still too broke to buy it) with peanut butter frosting. I was eating spoonfulls of the mac and cheese while the cupcakes were baking, though I showed up a little late and most people had eaten a lot and I have a LOT left. I don't really mind though cause I liked it a lot, but people kinda scoffed at my cupcakes cause they were VEGAN. My friend ate one though and told everyone how good it was and then other people stepped up to the plate. I still have some which I am happy about so I guess it's okay.

I feel like my potluck expectations are too high. In a perfect world, all my food would be eaten up and I would have a smorgishborg of delicious vegan food to choose from. I have thought about hosting a vegan potluck at my house but I really don't know a lot of vegans and most non-vegans suck at cooking vegan food. My mom is sort of getting the hang of it now (can we say homemade sweet potato ravioli!! Love you mom!) but really, most omnis don't get it and frankly I'd be worried that people would put in things not knowing that they're not vegan and then I'd eat it. Bleh. I also barely have enough friends to have a get together, let alone a vegan potluck. Someday I will have vegan friends, someday!!!

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